Dräger Flame 5000

The Dräger Flame 5000 is an explosion proof flame detector. The device processes live video images to detect the characteristic properties of flames by means of its digital signal processing and software algorithms.


Product Information

  • Easy to install
    • The detector is very easy to install using a stainless steel mounting bracket which swivels to ensure that the device is always optimally aimed towards potential sources of fire. Installation is further simplified when using the video output as instant verification of correct positioning and alignment is given visually.
  • Safe and fast intervention
    • Live video provides instant visual verification of fire eliminating the need to send personnel in to potentially hazardous situations, and reducing the risk of injury. An optical verification facility checks the window for contamination and ensures its field of view is not compromised by obstructions placed immediately in front of the detector.
  • Maximum field of view and detection range
    • The Dräger Flame 5000 can detect fires of 0.1 m² or greater at a distance of 44 m within a 90° horizontal field of view. The detector’s Field of View is a rectangular pyramid shape and represents a radial projection of the sensing element; this gives it the greatest standard coverage area and range of any flame detector currently available.
  • Worldwide approvals
    • With FM, CFM, IECEx and ATEX approval, the Flame 5000 is accepted world wide. This acceptance is enhanced with a range of metric and imperial threads, and both PAL and NTSC video modes.
  • Flexible outputs
    • With built in relays, the Flame 5000 can be operated as a stand alone alarm device with no need for further control equipment. Alternatively it can be integrated in to a control system using its 3 relay out puts, or a 0 to 20 mA signal. Although the Flame 5000 transmits live video images, it is not necessary to utilise them, the transmitter will still be a fully functioning flame detector. In addition, a built in memory card allows recording before and after an alarm to give event analysis to the user.
  • Highly visible LED status indication
    • A highly visible three coloured LED is positioned at the front of the Flame 5000. This enables quick status indication in the field without the need to visit the control panel. Green indicates normal operation, yellow indicates fault, and red indicates the presence of flame.
  • Immunity against false alarms SIL 2 Verified
    • The image processing algorithms of the Dräger Flame 5000 are so sophisticated that false alarms commonly associated with infra red or ultra violet flame detectors are eliminated. This false alarm immunity makes the Flame 5000 suitable for SIL 2 applications.

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