Dräger Polytron IR

The Polytron IR is a SIL 2 approved explosion proof infrared gas detector for the continuous monitoring of flammable gasses and vapours. With a 316 stainless steel enclosure and drift free heated measurement optics, it is built for the harshest industrial and offshore applications.

Product Information


  • Configurable measuring ranges
    • The optimum default settings of the Polytron IR are based on many years of experience. In addition, the Polytron IR provides the option of user configurable parameters based on customer or application demands. Increased or reduced measuring range, adjustable LEL values, as well as configurable special signals (for fault, beam block warning and maintenance) provides maximum flexibility. A configurable internal gas library with 38 gasses and vapours (16 in the model 340) The configuration can easily be performed and is guided by the menu with a HART® handheld device or PC.
  • Patented "Beam Block" warning signal
    • When the "Beam Block" warning signal is activated, the Polytron IR does not simply switch to fault but to a "stand-by mode": A warning signal is transmitted to the controller, whilst the measurement function continues in the background. When a gas concentration of 15% LEL or more is measured, the measuring function is returned to normal, alarming in hazardous situations with safety functionality maintained.
  • User-friendly calibration function
    • The Dräger Polytron IR can be calibrated in a user-friendly way with standard calibration gases: The calibration gas (e.g. methane or propane) is simply selected among the 38 substances in the transmitter's comprehensive gas library. The intended target gas is then selected from the same internal gas library and the calibration and sensitivity parameters are automatically calculated for the substance to be measured – Atex measurement performance approved.
  • Performance features
    • Two versions (type 334 and type 340) with different measuring wave lengths for different hydrocarbons with different sensitivities
    • Double-compensating and non-imaging optics (with 4-beam process)
    • A large gas library with up to 38 substances (of which 27 substances are performance approved in accordance with DIN EN 50054/50057)
    • Configurable measuring ranges in LEL % , Vol. -% and ppm
    • Fast response behavior, supported by the "chimney effect" of the splash guard
    • An analog 4 up to 20 mA signal as well as digital output signals: RS 485 and HART® (including multidrop feature)
    • Beam block warning signal in the case of dirty optics as a preventive maintenance function
    • Configurable maintenance signal
    • Specified temperature area from -40 °C to +65 °C
    • Unrestricted usage in humid atmospheres
    • Hermetically sealed 316 stainless steel enclosure
    • Long maintenance interval thanks to minimum long-term drift
    • No movable parts
    • Typical life time: 15 years
    • Explosion protection approvals for worldwide use: ATEX, IECEx, UL, CSA
    • Dust ex-protection for zones 21 and 22
    • Protection types: IP 65, IP 66 and IP 67
    • Continual self-diagnosis according to T023
    • Certified SIL-2 compatibility (Safety Integrity Level)

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