Dräger Polytron 7500

The Dräger Polytron 7500 is a pyrolysing gas detector for the continuous monitoring of toxic gases such as NF3 and perfluorinated C4F6 and C5F8 in the ambient air. The device contains all necessary functions such as sampling, processing and analysis in one enclosure.

Product Information


  • Reliable measurements
    • Technological advances in the electronic layout and the use of a shielded full metal enclosure allows Dräger to offer a transmitter with unsurpassed RFI resistance. A simple design and the use of robust components for pumps and pyrolysis oven are the basis of reliable, long-term operation. A unique branched internal flow system allows for a flow range between 0.5 up to 1.5 l/min, without affecting the measurement performance.
  • Software options
    • With three different software dongles, a range of functions are incorporated into the transmitter adjusting it to user or application specific requirements. With the sensor test dongle, the Dräger Polytron 7500 performs many different patented sensor tests that ensure the reliability and functionality of the sensor and the gas detection system. With the new sensor diagnosis function (including the sensor test), operational demands and the remaining sensor life time is estimated so that maintenance and exchange schedules can be created. A data and event saving option is integrated into the data dongle. This saves the measured values and events such as alarms and warnings. The data can be downloaded onto a PDA m515-Ex via an IR interface and evaluated on a PC with the Dräger GasVision software, or at the push of a button, a 15 minute concentration history is shown on the transmitter display.
  • Gas sampling
    • The pyrolyser is equipped with two internal pumps and two independent electronic Flow monitors. A pump provides the Polytron 7500 with a gas sample. The second pump provides the oven and the sensor with constant gas flow. A flow indicator built into the display gives instant visual feedback of correct operation.
  • Easy to use
    • Dräger developed the simple and structured software menu of the Polytron 7500 in collaboration with its customers. The big graphic display shows status information with the help of icons and plain text, and guides the user through calibration and configuration.
  • Different communication interfaces
    • In addition to the analogue 4 to 20 mA signal, a HART®-Fieldbus is available. With the LONWORKS® option, the Dräger Polytron 7500 can be integrated into any LONWORKS® system architecture.
  • Relay module
    • The Dräger Polytron 7500 can be equipped with a relay module. With two gas alarm relays, and one fault alarm relay, the transmitter can either be used as a stand alone gas detector with no need for a controller; or alarm devices can be activated locally saving costs in cabling to and from a controller. The analogue signal can still be transmitted back to a controller if desired.

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