Dräger PIR 7200

The Dräger PIR 7200 is an explosion proof infra red gas detector for the continuous monitoring of carbon dioxide (CO2) Reliable in the harshest environments – the infrared-optical transmitter Dräger PIR 7200 offers drift-free optics for accurate CO2 detection.

Product Information


  • Exceptional signal stability
    • Based on patented innovations, the Dräger PIR 7200 combines maximum light-efficient optics with a signal-stabilising 4 beam technology. The double-compensating optical system is highly resistant to interference from dust, dirt, fog, or other external effects on the optical surface. Due to its non-imaging nature, the measuring signal of the Dräger PIR 7200 is unaffected by partial beam block, this ensures immunity from false alarm.
  • Maximum reliability – SIL 2 Capable!
    • The Dräger PIR 7200 was developed and produced in accordance with SIL standards EN 61508 and EN 50402. For the first time ever, the software of a gas detection device was also assessed – the excellent parameters detailed in the SIL 2 Capable issued by the German TÜV confirm the high product quality and reliability of the Dräger PIR 7200: Only two percent of a SIL 2 budget are utilised by the Dräger PIR 7200, leaving great flexibility in the selection of control and other system components. The Dräger PIR 7200 therefore not only meets the SIL 2 requirements but far surpasses them.
  • Performance features
    • Double-compensating and non-imaging optics (with 4-beam technology)
    • Linearised response characteristics for carbon dioxide
    • Configurable measuring range in %(v/v) and ppm
    • Analog 4 to 20 mA and digital HART® output signal (including HART multidrop mode)
    • Beam block warning signal in the case of contaminated optics for predictive maintenance
    • Multiple configuration capabilities of all special signals (in accordance with NAMUR NE 43)
    • Specified minimum supply voltage of 13 V DC
    • Extended temperature range from - 40 °C to + 77 °C / - 40 °C to + 170 °F
    • Unrestricted usage in humid atmospheres
    • Hermetically sealed stainless steel 316L enclosure
    • Long maintenance interval thanks to minimum long-term drift
    • Shock and vibration resistance up to an acceleration of 4 G
    • No moving parts
    • Typical life time: greater than 15 years
    • Ex approvals for worldwide use: ATEX, IECEx, UL, CSA
    • Dust ex approval for zone 21 and 22
    • Ingress Protection: IP 66 and IP 67
    • Continuous self-diagnosis in accordance with IEC/EN 61508
    • Development and production in accordance with SIL guidelines as well as SIL 2 certification by the German TÜV (in accordance with IEC 61508)
  • Fast response mode
    • The sooner a measurable gas concentration is indicated, the faster counter measures can be initiated. The configurable response mode of the Dräger PIR 7200 can be set to "fast" for this purpose. In this mode, each measurable gas concentration is indicated within one second. In conjunction with low alarm thresholds, the gas transmitter can contribute to significantly reducing reaction times in the case of an emergency.
  • Multiple configuration capabilities
    • The optimum default settings of the Dräger PIR 7200 are based on many years of experience. In addition, the PIR 7200 provides the option of user configurable parameters based on customer or application demands. Increased or reduced measuring range as well as configurable special signals (for fault, beam block warning and maintenance) provides maximum flexibility.

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