Dräger Multi-PID 2

When detecting low concentrations of highly volatile, organic compounds (VOC) the Dräger Multi-PID 2 is just the right choice. A PID is used for detecting groups of hazardous substances and, with the proper adjustments, also for measuring individual substances.

Product Information


  • Large measurement range
    • The standard equipment of the Dräger Multi-PID 2 is a 10.6 eV UV lamp that covers a measuring range of 0 to 2,000 ppm. The standard measuring range can be extended by an optional gas dilution probe to up to 20,000 ppm.
  • Extensive gas library
    • A gas library comprising up to 70 substances is saved in the device. An additional 60 substances are identified and can be entered into the device if required. Furthermore, the Dräger Analytical Laboratory can characterize customer-specific VOC substances for adding into the gas library.
  • High performance leak detection and screening
    • The PID technology is highly sensitive yet robust. The quick response time enables an optimal search for leaks, screening the atmosphere over contaminated soil and liquids as well as clearance measurements of enclosed rooms.
  • Specific benzene measurement
    • Using a simple adapter arrangement, pre-filter tubes can be attached to the Dräger Multi-PID 2. A special mode can be activated to perform a specific benzene measurement.

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