About Us

We cover the complete spectrum of industrial flame & gas monitoring solutions. We provide services ranging from erection, testing, commissioning and maintenance of fire and gas detection systems in India. We offer customized approaches employing innovative technology and well thought out protection concepts. Close co-operation with our customers and our experience in varied markets provide consistent yardsticks for our range of products and services, we have all the products the industry needs to monitor and prevent fire hazards. We have a dedicated team of engineers for erection, installation, commissioning & periodic testing/calibration of gas & flame detection equipments. We offer design, engineering & system integration services.

Anacon has vast knowledge base of sensing technologies and a wide range of products and systems from global leaders. Focus is on the total safety of people as well as plant and equipments from toxic and flammable gases as well as harmful levels of pollutants in clean air and water.

Anacon's corporate office is located at Gemstar Complex, near Mindspace, a bustling commercial hub of Mumbai city. A 3000 sq. feet service centre and assembly line facility is located at Bhiwandi, a suburb on the outskirts of Mumbai.

Anacon has created an excellent track record for being a totally reliable safety organization with rapid response. This superior performance has resulted in growth through repeat business comprising of product sales as well as project execution for integrated process instrumentation & PLC based safety solutions. A team of dedicated professionals man the sales, service and project divisions of the company.

Advance Technologies:

Harsh environmental conditions found in most oil & gas plants often prevent gas from being detected. As a result, conventional gas detection systems often fail in turbulent conditions.

The international research confirms that only 65% of all hydrocarbon gas leaks are detected by conventional systems. Anacon has at its disposal, high-tech solutions to meet all such challenges and demanding situations. Accurate gas & flame detection coverage range is determined, verified and validated prior to installation.


Specialized soft wares to meet harsh and demanding environments as well as advanced application soft wares for gas detection, monitoring and analysis enable remote control with multi-point sample modules & technologies with SIL3 & SIL2 PLC based fire & gas monitoring systems with HMI are now a standard offering. Anacon's sensing technology are witnessed in work places such as oil & gas plants, storage, distribution, cross-country pipe lines or offshore platforms.


Toxic gases or fire hazards, Anacon engineers work to ensure total safety of life and valuable equipments.

Global know-how and vast experience of its associates such as CROWCON Detection Instruments Ltd., Safety & Detection who are renowned leaders in the respective product lines add a cutting edge to Anacon's capability and resource pool.

To achieve our goal of being a quality systems solution provider we are well equipped with the following :

  • Experience, competent and motivated personnel
  • In-house testing and inspection facilities for all key products
  • Professional support services
  • Expert assembly, commissioning and systems maintenance by well trained technicians.

International Associates:

In pursuit to provide world class products and services to our customers, Anacon has joined hands with CROWCON Detection Instruments Ltd.

CROWCON is unique in manufacturing flame and gas sensors in house, thereby controlling specifications to exacting requirements.

Gas Detectors employ technologies for catalytic, electro-chemical, thin film semiconductor and IR absorption. CROWCON products are approved by recognized third party testing agencies around the world for verification of product and quality.

Anacon engineers select CROWCON products as per the customer requirements and provide services ranging from erection, testing, commissioning and maintenance of CROWCON systems in India. We have annual maintenance contracts with most of our customers in India and we have dedicated manpower for installation, calibration and maintenance services.

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